Sunday, August 7, 2016

Muslims are invaders, deserve no Lands

Sorry Brothers and sisters if I offend you. I have researched for past 24 years or so the theme of religions and how they have controlled humanity. Religions are extreme intense drugs that are used to numb, dumb and bomb humanity to control, subjugate and literally exploit. You can not compel me to like a religion for your extreme love for it. You are free to be religious but do not force me to like a religion. I do not hate the religious followers but I do respect them while I pity their sheer ignorance. I have written papers that can not be published anywhere as academic world is fake, fraudulent wasteful world of talent just to bluff the world.
DO NOT BELIEVE the academics, religious scholars and so called promoters or hidden believers who think they are doing all a favor by promoting their "GOD". Frankly today the world does need a god but needs to get rid of this evil
God. We need to cleanse this world of invading forces, extreme pile of armaments in hands of wrong people who are using it in name of religion and this now is also nuclear attack devices and materials. Humanity is on a cliff. I have debated, argued and discussed in vain for years and at end it is all wasteful YOU CAN NOT win these religious blind fanatics. They fool you. They deceive, deny and con you by their bullshit. Do not entertain yourself with images and funny bunnies on social media. FIGHT FOR truth, reveal the truth and work hard to expose the bastards, the crooks and specially the very long bearded thugs. RELIGIONS are nothing but 1000 times potent weapons than nukes, intense drugs and all other magical potions..
YOU ARE FREE TO HATE ME if you like BUT you can not take my rights to expose the False, the ugly and the evil. I fight for Natives of this world, for rights of aboriginal natives whose lands have been claimed, robbed and taken over by so called organized Religious forces. I am not against these innocent PROGRAMMED followers but their false doctrine that has been ingrained in them like a planted chip device in their system. Following is a very interesting image that speaks volumes. If you are a genuine and intelligent person with knowledge of the real history of this world you would support this cause.
It is not only Muslims but Europeans who have invaded much of the world and claim as their own. I will give my life for cause of Native people of Canada, USA, Mexico and Much of the South America, India, South and SE Asia and Africa and most of the Mediterreanean occoupied by European settlers and Islamic invaders. NATIVE PEOPLE MUST UNITE and claim their heritage, their lands and their civilizations and DO NOT be oppressed by the thugs, looters, violent armed terrorists who use Christ and Islam to over power undefended Native populations. Ask a friend to like this page to expose the truth and enlighten the world that THINKS it knows it all while all these TV and Media is blaring bull crap of naked women and false drama stories. Lets face the real life.