Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kashmir of India has been mutilated by Pakistan & a vicious Islam

Since 1948 Pakistan as a policy of grab more territory from India has engaged in a horrible war with India and the victims are people of India and specially Kashmir. Entire Hindu Kashmiri population in a so called majority Muslim area had to move after murders and rapes, plundering - a hall mark of Islam.
Pakistan has done every single act to terrorize, to destroy life, to completely block Kashmiris growth by literally killing their industries, businesses and lives. Kashmiri Muslims are some of the most gullible and continue to be foolishly be influenced by the Pakistani Evil Propaganda war and continue to stab in the back of their own citizens and India has to bear a heavy economic cost to pay all for these Muslims but as usual Muslims want to live free lives and they consider Hindus as Infidel and believe that any money from them is zizya tax and halaal or religiously valid.
Kashmir is not only a victim of Pakistan but Islam.