Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pakistani Mullah offers Sex Service to Divorced Woman on Live TV HALALA an Islamic way to abuse women

“I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible…impossible…for any human being to read the biography of Mohammed and believe in it, and then emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.”

- Syrian Psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan
Pakistani Mullah offers Sex Service to Divorced Woman on Live TV
This discussion on Live TV on a Pakistani Network provides insight into one of the darkest aspects of Islamic Sharia as it pertains to Women, Family Law, Divorce and the Islamic Clergy.

According to Islamic Sharia, if a husband divorces his wife and utters the word 'Talaak' (I divorce you) three consecutive times, the woman stands divorced in the eyes of Islamic law.

However, if the divorced couple wishes to re-marry, they cannot unless the woman marries another man first, has sexual intercourse with this new husband and he then divorces her.

Of course, this is next to impossible. So here come the services of the Mullah, Imam or the mosque cleric.

Throughout Islamic history, Imams and Mullahs have offered their 'services' whereby they marry the divorced woman for a few days, rape her during this time and then divorce her so that she can get back with her original husband.

In the TV discussion, not one but two such clerics unashamedly 'offer their services' to the divorced woman. Sad and hilarious to see Muslim men and woman agree to such sexual exploitation. But who can we blame when Islam and Sharia permits such rape and sanctifies it as a pre-condition to a divorced husband and wife coming together.