Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The ancient numericals of Sanskrit, their Roman & Persian version, which were copied, used in almost all human languages. READ these carefully and learn something before we start our voyage of knowing into the erased past and remove your dark ignorance. ALL your languages numericals & a large vocabulary are based on the foundations of Sanskrit's vast linguistic tree.
Entire Numerical system was loaned by "Arabs" from Sanskrit - a root language, before that Persians used it fo...r 4000 years who loaned their knowledge to Arabs; later on, Roman numbers were replaced by "Hindu" or Sanskrit numbers but Europeans call them Arabic numericals in their zeal to suppress ancient glorious civilization.
English Numbers Farsi/Persian Numbers Sanskrit Numbers :
numbers ā'edād – اعداد
0 cero zero Cifer Shoonya
one yek - یک Ek एकम्
two do - دو Dwa द्वे

three seh - سه Tri त्रीणि - in Farsi tre is se Eg. Setar 3 tar/chord
four chehār - چهار Catur chatur चत्वारि
five penej - پنج Panch पञ्च
six shesh - شش Shas or shast षष्
seven hefet - هفت Sapta सप्त
eight heshet - هشت Ashta अष्ट
nine neh - نه Nav नव
ten deh - ده Dash दश
eleven yāzedeh - یازده एकादश (ekaadasha)
twelve doāzedeh - دوازده द्वादश (dvaadasha)
thirteen seyezedeh - سیزده त्रयोदश (trayodasha)
fourteen chehāredeh - چهاردهचतुर्दश (chaturdasha)
fifteen pānezedeh - پانزده पञ्चदश (panchadasha)
sixteen shānezedeh - شانزده षोडश (shodash)
seventeen hefedeh - هفده सप्तदश (saptadasha)
eighteen hejedeh - هجده अष्टादश (ashtaadasha)
nineteen nozedeh - نوزده नवदश (navadasha)
twenty beyeset - بیست विंशतिः (vimshatihi)
hundred ṣed - صد Shat Shatam
one thousand yek hezār - یک هزار sahasaraa Becomes hazaar
Notice the structure of the Numbers in Farsi is 100 % based on Sanskrit. These Farsi numbers were later loaned by Europeans & Arabs
2000 Dvisahasra = do hazar
3000 Trisahasra = Se hazar
4000 Catursahasra = Chehr hazar
10,000 Dasasahasra, = ayuta deh hazaar
20,000 vimsatsahasra
30,000 trimsatsahasra
100,000 satasahasra, laksha, lak
200,000 dvi-sata-sahasra
300,000 tri-sata-sahasra
1,000,000 prayuta, niyuta
10,000,000 koti, krore
100,000,000 arbuda, vrnda, nyarbuda
Modern Arabic due to pronounciation issues, they call 10 Deh or Dash as 'ashra عشرة ;
6 shesh/shas as Sitta ; 7 sapta as sab'a and 5 as Khamsa.
If you do not know your ancient past your knowing is half baked, try to first learn who you are and your ancestors before glorifying the analfbet uneducated erasers of human history!
The ancient and modern numericals flow :
Sanskrit > Persian > Arabic > Greek > Roman > World.