Monday, February 27, 2017

The origins of the Islamic state: by Baladhuri, Ahmad ibn Yahya

The origins of the Islamic state: being a translation from the Arabic, accompanied with annotations, geographic and historic notes of the Kitâb fitûh al-buldân of al-Imâm abu-l Abbâs Ahmad ibn-Jâbir al-Balâdhuri
by Baladhuri, Ahmad ibn Yahya, d. 892; Hitti, Philip Khuri, 1886-; Murgotten, Francis Clark
Published 1916
Includes bibliographical references
Pt. Arabia. Syria. Mesopotamia. Armenia. Northern Africa. Andalusia. Islands of the sea. Nubia. Al-Irâk and Persia. Media. -- Pt. 2. Northern Media. Adharbaljân. Mosul. Jurjân and Tabaristân and their districts. The districts of the Tigris. Khuzistân. Fars and Kirmân. Sijistân and Kâbul. Khurâsân. Conquest of as-Sind.

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