Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Christianity Vs Islam : Comparison between the two Abrahamic cults

Christianity Vs Islam : Comparison between the two Abrahamic cults

Christianity caused lot of headaches for Europe during mediaeval ages. But then it was possible to reform Christianity. Christianity and Islam are the only two religions of the world that promotes act of hate and global war for the cause of religion. But still it was possible to reform Christianity but Islam can’t be reformed. No way Islam can be reformed. But why? Here’s the answer.
Christianity was not designed from the ground off to be a political system.
For example, doctrines about “just war” cropped up after Saint Augustine, and arguably only after Christianity became a state religion.
However, doctrines about warfighting cannot be found in the Gospels! So, if you wanted to strip-off Christianity from politics, you just needed to get rid of Augustine et al.
Compare that to Islam (which is a complete political system and a political ideology to establish a global theocracy) in which we have “Allah himself” is talking volumes about every minute detail of warfare in the Qur’an. We have Allah prescribing Muslims during which months you are allowed to wage war and what should happen with the captives of war etc.
Not only are these commandments built-in into the body of the most holiest of scripture – the Qur’an – but Muhammad demonstrated how to implement these commandments in real life – by waging war himself.