Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Converts To Islam are not considered Muslims by Arab Muslims?

Why Converts To Islam are not considered Muslims by Arab Muslims?
Converts are among the most fervent adherents to any faith.
A US university published a study exposing some interesting revelations.
In the age of ISIS, Muslim converts are increasingly vulnerable to adopting a creed of extremism and violence. Converts are very easy targets by vested interest to go for violence. South Asian Muslims are 99.9% Converts and there is a sizeable numbers among them who would do anything what they are told in name of their religion. Unfortunately Saudis do not believe Converts are MUSLIM. 

 The SE Asian Malays, Indonesians, South Central Asian Afghanis, Tajikis, Pakistanis, Indian and Bangladeshi Muslims do not even know this and as per a study 95.5% of Pakistani and Indian Muslim have never read Qur'an and the meanings of the verses. Yet they go ballistic when anyone discusses their ignorance.
About 40 percent of those arrested on terrorism-related charges last year were recent converts to Islam according to “ISIS in America,” a new report by George Washington University. That’s disproportionate with the overall picture of Muslims in America, where less than one in four are converts.

“I think it’s fair to say that certain converts…tend to be more vulnerable to certain interpretations of Islam,” Lorenzo Vidino, one of the authors of the report,. “They don’t have [an understanding of] the foundations [of Islam and so] they’re more easily lured into buying an extremist interpretation of the faith.”