Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Present and future of Pakistan & South Asia Muslims ?

Present and future of South Asia Muslims ?
Pakistanis control of social media and media and other control issues
Imagine the most ancient people with a highly developed genetic lineage is enslaved in a foreign ideology that propels them to break from their rich cultural past to a dark, useless, non spiritual violent life that can not ever have peace.
How and why Islam thrives despite being oppressive?
Islam can only thrive in an environment of total blackout, censure and total control of human voices. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and similar countries are worried if they allow freedom they will lose their basis of survival and they wont have any ways left to abuse their own citizens and also terrorize the world to keep them on toes so that at end they all become like them. This is the whole problem with so called leaders of Pakistan and Saudi, and also other countries like Indian Muslims self appointed leaders. In reality they are as ignorant as they their most fanatic followers and they usually secretly have a more "interesting life" than their superficial claim of being real Muslim.
Current status reality?

Pakistan is perhaps one of the fastest regressing countries of the world. People go forward they are taking it backward but to wrong side of time. Pakistan is a neo colony now of Saudi Arabia from one side and China on other side. Both will be dangerous for growth of its people. Pakistanis have no identity of their own left and the confusion has only grown from last 70 years of formation of Pakistan.
Why Pakistan wants to keep promoting a wahabi salafi Islam?
It is to keep the control by a small minority of extremely clever people who have literally made fortunes by exploiting the ignorance and poverty of majority and they do not want any real education or wellbeing as they know they will lose their control. They need to keep controls and to keep all of them Hating their native culture and their past deep base of their ancestors rich history. This hatred is essential to keep them as "Different" people. They will keep hating and will do all to malign all that is India or its cultural foundations.

Pakistan is based on an ideology that is absolutely imposed on the occupied and invaded people. It is like throwing a thick heavy blanket on somebody even if it is summer hot. Now they are used to that blanket and can not live without a cover. Pakistan's critical problem is that it is all guilt ridden and an extreme of pretending that we are associated with the desert Arabs of 7th century which they fully know it is totally false. So it is going to be like North Korea where people have given up on their hopes of breaking their chains. They themselves want to put the chains some for decoration, others for beauty and others for feeling staying safe. Slavery of mind and soul can literally finish a being.
How to understand their mind set?
To understand Converted people of Pakistan and Bengal learn that 99% of them are Indian people and they think and act like Indians and they at heart are 100 % immersed in India culture that is milleniums old, yet officially it is denied to fullest extent and even hinting at their ancient past is considered blasphemic. The same was right for current Tajiki and Afghans till about 11th/12th century. The same was also right for current Persians till about 8 to 9th century. Persians resisted and fought with invasive Arab Muslims for almost 300 years but at end they failed for not having potential to communicate. From 1979 Iran and Afghanistan fell into fanatics traps by sheer bad luck and Tajikistan remained mostly OK as it was. South Asian Muslims will realize their mistakes in a coming few years when the worldwide Islam will be fully exposed and it will possibly die a death as Middle East is in process of reaching its peak and the decay and downfall has begun.