Thursday, October 27, 2016

British streets look like Pakistan and Iraq

This is army without uniform and each of these wo/men is a soldier of a hidden force equal to 10 conventional soldiers and they will attack when no one expects. British and many other EU leaders must wake up as soon as possible before it is too late. The massive one weekend attack may shake EU cities so much there wont be any way to fix the losses. If leaders do not act people must wake up and get ready to defend. Analysts are dumb as they consider these intruders as hard core religious. Yes they are hard core but ready with full scale violence that no sane mind can ever think of. Violent Islam is the most insane dangerous force that will require massive defense and Nato style forces wont be able to outsmart it. The enemy is now hiding on every European street and it can not be worse. Ordinary police force wont be able to face the next guerilla war Syrian style that may be looming on horizon in next 3 semesters.British streets look like Pakistan and Iraq