Thursday, October 27, 2016

Havoc and Violence on European streets - hidden by Media

The chief of the German police union, "criminal migrants from North Africa are laughing at the German justice system as they are allowed to go free after committing crimes."
Settling the savage people driven by a violent idea of life, is a nightmarish utopia. The world peace is being ruined by these programmed mass migrations.
Chief Rainer Wendt expressed grave concern regarding the increasing number of migrant criminals, especially those of a North African origin. Unless the justice system changes no real action can be taken to solve migrant crime, reports Kronen Zeitung.
“They despise our country and laugh at our justice,” Mr. Wendt said and warned that the police cannot address migrant crime unless the justice system is willing to step up and deport repeated offenders.

He claims that officers in Germany are putting themselves at constant risk as many of the migrants are known to have a high level of violent behaviour and attack police who attempt to arrest them.
“If there is no pre-trial detention made, no imprisonment is imposed, and no deportations carried out then the police make multiple arrests and the perpetrators get away with it,” he said and maintained that the migrants end up back on the streets.
Mr. Wendt cited the “Casablanca Report” which documented some 2,244 North African migrant criminals in the city of Dusseldorf. According to the police union chief, the numbers for other major German cities are similar and he said that the migrant crisis has only served to reinforce numbers in the already-existing migrant criminal gangs.
Last year, Mr. Wendt made a similar statement at the height of the migrant crisis. “They don’t respect our law,” he said and asked why “things always have to go up in flames” before politicians “react”.
Development Minister Gerd Müller of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU),