Thursday, October 27, 2016

The fake facade of man created Religions

A religion is a set of beliefs usually supported by a few literary sources that the promoters or sales people of that belief system forces the rest of the world to accept, some monstrous behead, if not agreeing and others ridicule and laugh at your form of worship out of their sheer arrogance and their so called Religiousness.
One has the right to live in assumptions and our own beliefs or beliefs of other generations just by taking it literally. We in effect do not need religions at all. We just need rational thinking, understanding better our world, physical and meta physical and beyond but creating an imaginary system of God, hell and heaven and then punish others because they do not believe in that system is fascism and more over stupidity. This stupidity and insanity has been carried on by at times thinking people merely for not having other recourse. Yet we all know the wrong will remain wrong and we can keep promoting a crooked dictator as pious devotee of "God" he trusts yet the evilness of that man will remain there and he and his soul will never get freed. A devilish spirited man can claim to be super religious but that is baseless fake claim not very different from the political leaders today who claim to have benevolence when their real purpose is to steal public resources. Religions are and have been always a super mechanism to control innocent people. Foolish follow, Smart just shrug but thinking people really know that it is all a bluff of 3rd rate. This last one is responsible for mayhem of religious fanatics.