Thursday, October 27, 2016

Uniform Civil code is vital to save Indian Muslim women's constant abuse

India remains the only democratic land where so called converted Hindus into Islam, live in total peace and protection and yet are willing to be governed by the dark, shady, easily manipulatable, men centered "Islamic laws". Indian Muslim women are exploited, abused and used as third rate beings by Muslim men who are mostly non thinking, primitive minds whose mental growth stopped as soon as they or their forefathers converted into the controlled, dark group where thinking is not only prohibited but even persecuted specially for women who are considered non human beings.
The fact is, Most Indian Muslims do not appreciate the kindness, compassion and acceptance shown by good natured Hindu and Sikh & other faith population of India and instead of being grateful they stab them in the back and forever keep playing their games to make another Pakistan wherever they can in UP, Kerala, West Bengal, Kashmir or wherever they can, and for that they are engaging in secret meetings, distributing literature calling for converting India into another Muslim driven country and creating violence, mayhem and hatred. Muslims of India are told to live like primitive Arabs of 7th century and their conduct is pitiful and ridiculously arrogant. You can not talk to an Indian Mulsim without being abused, receive abusive words and the total lack of common sense portrays them as uneducated and different as they never try to unify under common institutions but seeking exclusve treatment and that includes special laws for them.
During my recent trips to Middle East One Egyptian "scholar" told me about Pakistani, Bengali and Hindi Muslims "These are subhuman slaves, without any thinking or thinking like faculty. Their main aim is to remain dramatically subjugated, abused and be used by Arab imperialistic joke and they will keep self destroying till the entire Arabia is back to full dust. These are most ignorant and dumb head people of the world without any knowledge or awareness of reality in any sense forget about Islamic principles or their meaning. The problem is for those who coexist with them."