Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Arya Samaj Scholar and teacher who was a Muslim Priest 30 years ago

Here you have an enlightened gentleman. He is Pandit Mahendra Pal from UP India. He was born in a Muslim Family and he was a Muslim priest. Soon enough he realized that the world around him was mostly artificial, fake and ridiculous unscientifically unreligious. There on he digged and found out Vedik Knowledge and he became a master of Aryan Vedic scriptures and since he is from India his genes are already pure Indian and since then he has not looked back. Muslims of India have a lot to learn from this scholar. I have studied South Asian, SE Asian Muslims in details 99.98 % converted Muslims and almost all of them have no real knowledge of Islamic literature and thought. They merely folllow it by following what they have heard. There is a scope for light and there are millions of Muslim borns who are interested to learn of other philosophies and ideas.
Arya Samaj Scholar and teacher
Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya is member of Arya Samaj. He is preaching Vedas, Comparative Religious Studies and removing confusions about Vaidik Sanskriti and Sanatan Dharma from last 29 Years.