Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Selling of little girls, innocent women like cattle

People around the world are insensitive and quiet as if it was a common news. Selling of little girls, innocent women like cattle is not a symbolic devilishness of Islamic state but it is the actual reality of Islam. Look at the history from day one and the entire Islamic discourse is based on how to exploit, plunder, rape and enslave women. The world that is now quiet on this extremely hidden subject must now wake up as your own daughters and sisters could be in line for sale by the coming invading Islamic warriors who are currently portraying themselves as meek refugees but inside majority is a monsterous wolf hiding who will rip apart any civil society.
Any so called Western politicians, Apologizers and Islamic supporters are unperturbed as their own daughters are not yet ripped apart. Well just wait for a little time and they will see what happens in any neighbourhood near them.