Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The real social status of women in Islamic countries

The real social status of women in Islamic countries
A so called religion's purpose is to connect with God but Islam does anything but that. Instead it teaches men to abuse children, women and encourages slavery and above all treat them in the most inhuman way possible. Obviously social pictures of a few rich and famous show bejewelled women who look very lavish but the reality is very very different inside the veil.
Majority of Muslim women, as much as 89% suffer more than... any other women born under any other social system or so called religious faith. On surface and text books, news media and public statements talk of great love and peace and nobility towards women. However the reality is that women are considered like 2nd hand shoes once worn and can be thrown or just placed in a shoe box as the man pleases. All these so called "religious" pretexts" and excuses that are published and quoted 24 hours by Islamic clergy and men is an entire bullshit that does not do anything but serves their nefarious purposes of abusing women in any way they can.
The face shown to the world is one of shyful niqabs and Purdah etc. and happy bunch of giggling women herded by long bearded men. However what is the ground reality?
The reality is that most Muslim women are coerced, violated, forced, raped and treated worse than enslaved women. As long as she is young and attractive she has a little value but once she is slightly old or has a child etc. or sick, men discards her as if she was a dead fly.
Muslim women have no real rights at all. The whole show that is shown to the world is a farce and a ridiculous public relation exercise, going on for past almost 13 centuries.