Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Turkish people's tragedy

Türk arazi Trajedisi Turkish people's tragedy.
The great tragedy of Intelligent Turks vs. the oppressive Fanatic Erdogan's evil empire and his 600 Million $ palace.
How tragic. Most Turks with education were against the oppressive Erdogan but he won by tricking poorer resourceless Turks who are usually very "Muslim" for being induced by their "religious" preachers and Erdogan with their support tricked and got into power and now the liberated, Good people of Turkey, those who... really know all about the evil history and abuses of Turkish empire wanted to get rid. But hey do not worry, ERDOGAN and his oppression will not be permanent.
Turkish people are very smart. They will win. Viva Turg people
Türk insanı çok akıllı. Onlar kazanacak.
Yaşasın Türk halkı