Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What is real essence of "an Islamic Society?"

What is real essence of "an Islamic Society?"
Can Islamic society change and evolve with better practices  if its people are allowed and encouraged to introspect, criticize and evaluate the options?
Islamic society is not really a society to start with. It is an imbalanced system where; men driven, by a sick doctrine "follow" the book but since nobody can understand a cryptic stupid language of very basic raw life, the men deviate from its real meaning and only use it to draw their own conclusions. It is not different from some poorly written laws that are never understood by anyone and thus they are abused. Islamic society is basically based on an old beduin culture a subset of an old, extremely poor Arabian desert setup where there were no laws, only these camel, that goat and these women are "MINE" and if you intrude I will kill you. If the other party was stronger he would kill that man and he would take his herd, including women, as slave. This is the only real mind set that has prevailed and it is still live, living in certain Sahara tribes, where I have been and see how the things are still out of this world. From surface it may all look modern but the idea of that herd man with his animals and women is still continuing - a Muslim man thinks he OWNS his women and there is no difference between a woman and a slave. In fact Slavery is very much alive in almost all Muslim societies in different variables.

 The Saudis still own black African Abassinians [Habashis] slaves who are also castrated at times so that they do not mate with their women. Other Muslims those who can or have power try to maintain multiple slaves and women. In many Arabic speaking areas they also maintain male lovers. This is not a fantasy or a movie plot but very real. Mindset of converted Muslim is a mimicry of his Arab principal whom he tries to copy and he tries his best to behave like an Arab Muslim herdsman, and consider a woman he "wants" his property. If another fellow likes that property - then there is a battle and that woman goes to become property of other one.
Read Indian  [that includes West North India now known as Pakistan and East India Part known as Bangladesh] history and see how cruel lives these Islamic invaders and all their soldiers lived and how they tortured Hindu women and abused, murdered Hindu men for minor pretexts, when ever a Hindu woman was liked by a Muslim man with even minor power, her husband was given a choice and if he dint agree, he was killed mercilessly and his property and wife became property of this man.
This has been going on in India that is now known as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. This is a tale of tragedy, horror and extreme pain. Islam on paper is a "religious doctrine" but in reality it is a very basic system of few simple rules and if anyone does not follow those rules he is punished.
That is why to consider this as a religion is a grave mistake. It is a shadowed dark idea of life that has everything black from clothes to mind to soul and everything is death, destruction and tragedy.
The converted Muslims behave in horrible ways and overdo and are dumb enough to believe they are being very religious by going by the book but they are in most cases totally oblivious of any real "religious purity" and any spiritual aspect is as missing as honesty and truthfulness in modern corrupt society. Islamic society is not a social system but a mode to oppress, pillage, control, subjugate and squeeze the basic rights of women, children, animals and all Men in every sense. To fool the world, they device million stories to obfuscate and hide the truth; which foolish gullible liberals believe and let them keep oppressing.