Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Defining a Gentleman called Tarek Fatah

Defining a Gentleman called Tarek Fatah - Jayen to Jayen Kahan?
Can we create a new category for people who are deprogrammed and have adhered to their spirit se...lf?
While it is true Muslims and Christians in South Asia specially are highly programmed creatures for not having a mind or not having been encouraged to have a thinking mind. That said not all fit in that category.
Know one thing only that having a "MUSLIM" or Arab name does not necessarily translate to being a linear follower of "political Islam". While one is logically right to label all Muslims as "terrorists or sympathizers" well they are sandviched between obnoxious and ethical, there is room for those who are born in "islamic" family or culture but they are not really so.

There are certain things that are beyond the so called Christianity or Islam or any proselytized faith.
Tarek Fatah is not alone but he perhaps is the tip of a big iceberg of Tarek Fatahs who can not be seen easily but they are like a a musical theme of fusion that can not be labelled under any known category or even genre.
Not all "Muslims" or "Christians" or Judaic Followers are fanatic or blind believer in the religious thought. There are some or rather many Muslims e.g. who are almost like trapped and they are more spirit oriented than book oriented. Tarek Fatah is more like that legendary bird that flies above the skies
There are a few things that hurt us a big deal yet we can never know what is it that hurts and this is one of those undefinable aspects of life that can not be worded however and perhaps we need to find a few new words to define the undefined. One sure thing one can add here is that there are now millions of ATHEISTS in "Islamic" world just as there are in "Christian" world who have no where to go and they park thems
elves under the label of "Atheist" just to get going so that they are not considered directionless floating boats in thought world.